Garage Bike Storage

By | June 8, 2019

Garage Bike Storage

Garage Bike Storage

If you’re into bikes, you need to have some garage storage ready for it as well. You need the right organizer and space that can effectively house and stabilize your ride as you work on it. There are several garage bike storages available with unique highlight features. Some of these are more sophisticated in terms of detail and design as well so find the right one for you.



Standard Racks

The wall rack hangs parallel to the wall. Installing a wall rack is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to store your bike. These are very easy to put up simply with the use of screws or hooks. There are models that can hang two or more bikes at one time. These are very advantageous since any type of bike can be mounted keeping them out of the way and leaving you extra floor space. Make sure the surface of the racks is rubber coated at key points to avoid any scratches or damage on your bike and paint. The style should also allow U-locks for extra security.

The ceiling rack provides a lot of floor space in your garage as well. It uses a pulley system that raises and lowers your bike without you having to lift anything. It is perfectly safe as well since the pulley lowers down automatically only when pulled at the right angle. There is no risk for the bike accidentally falling off and the rope remains reliable and cannot be easily untied. The rack hangs on the ceiling through a series of hooks, screws and bars that are strong enough to hold anywhere from 20 to 100 lbs. These are ideal for ceilings with a height of around 12 feet.

Floor racks is an alternative to mounted designs if you have enough floor space to store your bike. It is a free-standing unit that can be moved or set anywhere in the garage. You can easily hold a bike or more by attaching the wheel and handle bars on the rack without having to use a kickstand.

You may park two bikes on the same side or one on every side. The floor rack can hold all bicycle models including small-sized ones for kids. These are usually made of metal and are lightweight. No installation is also needed because of its free-standing design. For extra security, you may want to attach a chain and lock around the rack and bikes.

More Floor Rack Models

Rolling racks are very cost-effective and durable. These are usually made of alloy or aluminum with galvanized finish. It offers added security as well with U-lock compatibility. You can park bikes from both sides and the rack can be set free-standing or surface-mounted. There are rolling racks already installed into a concrete base for extra stability.

Gravity racks follow a similar idea to wall garage bike storage systems but you get the advantage of not having ugly holes in your walls. Bikes are simply placed one on top of the other. The racks securely fasten the rides in place which is why risk for accidents or the bikes falling are nonexistent. Other racks are able to hold several bikes at a time which provides you with more space. These are all made of heavy duty metal with galvanized finish and a U-lock compatibility design. Some garage bike storage pieces come with warranties so make sure you avail of these.

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