Garage Storage Bins

By | June 10, 2019

Garage Storage Bins

Garage Storage Bins

Garage storage bins can be very convenient and functional. You will realize just how much extra space you can get by placing some of these in your garage. It will be easier to locate tools, car parts and other materials that used to clutter all around the area. There are few things you need to consider before you buy the perfect one that fits your needs.

Advantages of Garage Storage Bins

Primarily, storage bins remove clutter in your garage. You get to eliminate scattered objects that accumulate and become eyesores over time. Since you’re organizing and categorizing all these properly in respective storage spaces, you gain more room as well. You might finally have a spot for bigger things like a lawnmower or bicycle.

Accessibility is another advantage so you can simply label the bins so you know each time where to find items depending on the type of work you’re currently busy with. Garage storage bins effectively protect and house materials as well so you increase the lifespan of tools, parts and other items leading to increased savings.

What to Look for in a Storage Bin

1. Dimensions. How much space do you need? There are standard sized bins measuring around 2 feet in width and height and around 3 to 4 feet in length. There are also tall models that can accommodate long tools like shovels, rakes and bars. It would be wiser to gather all items you wish to store then group them together according to size and function. Very small items like nuts, bolts and screws can fit in miniature storage bins or drawers. Some very huge parts may need individual storage bins.

2. Durability. Garage storage bins should be tough and long-lasting since you expect to be using these in the next several years. Determine which make or material would best store your items. Plastic bins are standard and stays strong even with moisture. You can place usual items like rags, cleaning agents, bottles and hand tools in these. There are also wooden bins which can effectively handle power tools, saws, nails and other sharp objects. Metal bins are also available for heavy duty storage. These are a good alternative to wood because of water-resistant qualities.

3. Style. To make a sleek and clean look in your garage, you also have to pick the right styles that match other items that may already be present such as lockers and cabinets. Follow a certain color scheme. You may also find some garage storage bins in attractive colors with radical designs of animals, cars and the like. Find one you feel comfortable with. You may choose to invest in hanging ones to make the entire area free of floor clutter. What’s important is you look for pieces that make the atmosphere cleaner and peaceful.

4. Price. The price depends on the make and size of the storage bin. Small plastic ones can cost you around $20 or less. The most expensive pieces would be huge metal bins that appear like gym lockers. Cabinet systems can reach $1000 or more. Make sure you pick a price that’s worth the bin. What’s important is that it has all the traits mentioned above and serves its purpose well. Some bins and systems may come with a warranty or quote so take advantage of these.

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