Landscape Lighting Fixtures

By | June 28, 2019

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Landscape lighting can give your place a great look as long as you have the right type of lighting fixtures to answer whatever lighting problem you have.

There are various types of landscape lighting fixtures available. Get to each of them, so that you can use each appropriately for your lighting needs.




These lights are usually not more than 42″ tall. Bollards are usually used for lighting sidewalks and walkways. They are available in cast aluminum, spun aluminum, cast iron, fiberglass and concrete.

In-Ground Lights

In-ground lights are usually mounted flush into the ground. They are usually put in areas where you don’t want anything to stick out above ground level. They can be put in concrete or soil.

Bullet Lights

These are actually floodlights that come in a bullet shape. They usually have a threaded knuckle with integral 1/2″. The mount and can be available with a broad diversity of lamp types and sources to answer any of your lighting needs.


These are just like bullet lights. The only difference is that they come in rectangular shaped bodies. These usually come in a focused, strong beam of light. They also usually have HID lamp types.

Floodlights are hi-powered lights, that are used to light large objects. It can also be used to light objects from a long distance away. It is also ideally used to showcase areas like walls and trees.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are similar to Christmas tree lights. However, unlike Christmas tree light strings that have small lamps in low wattages, these come in larger lamp globes with higher wattages and are usually for heavy-duty use.

String Lights

String lights are now used to have that festive Christmas through out the year mood in your very own place. This style of decorating has been used through the years. These however are different from Christmas lights. String light lamps have a longer lifespan than those used during Christmas.

Pathway Lighting

As the name suggests, this type of light is used in lighting walkways and small pathways. These usually come in low-level lights, from six to eighteen inches tall. Pathway lights supply a very fine lighting job, and are very cost effective.

Some pathway light fixtures have uplight and side components. With this, you can direct the light towards shrubs and plants near the fixture.

Underwater Lights

This kind of light is especially designed to be totally submerged in water. They are usually used in to light fountains and water jets to add more effect. They can also be used in fishponds, or in mini waterfalls in the garden.

Solar Powered Lights

This type of lighting is great for areas where it is difficult to run electrical wirings. However, since they are solar powered, they need regular exposure to the sun, so it would be best not to place them in permanently shaded areas.

The downside of solar lights is that they can only be bright up to a certain point. They can’t compete with high voltage lighting, and they also have limited time of being illuminated.

These are just some of the commonly used lighting fixtures in landscape lighting. In choosing what kind of fixture you need, always keep in mind what effect are you expecting from installing the lights. In this way, you can pinpoint which fixture to use on your design.

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