Landscape Lighting Ideas

By | June 27, 2019

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Landscape lighting shouldn’t only be pleasing to the eye but also functional. To have both of these benefits, your lighting should be properly placed. Here are some ideas on how you can hit two birds with one stone, with the use of proper landscape lighting.


A Grand Welcome

Putting lighting fixtures on your house’s entrances would definitely earn you both beauty and functionality. By doing so, you are enabled to identify visitors and greet guests easily even at the middle of the night.

Putting wall lanterns on both sides of the door attains a welcoming and warm look for your home. It also gives a classy feel since the wall lanterns resemble torches, which were used in the medieval days to light up castle entrances. If you want a single light for your entrance, you can put an over-hang light on your porch. Lighting your entrance can also be very helpful especially, if you’re always having a hard time fitting your door key.

Home Sweet Home

If you have family members that arrive late at night and use the garage, placing a lighting fixture in the outer wall of the garage can be very helpful. It is somewhat a safety measure for them.

A lot of accidents happen even when people park in or pull out from their very own garages. That’s why it wouldn’t hurt if you put some sort of lighting, so that it could serve as a guide for them.

Security Purposes

You can also put lighting fixtures in areas in your house that are commonly looked over and are covered by shadows. Areas like backyards and sides of the house are included here.

If you want, you can even install motion-sensitive lights or heat-sensitive lights for added security. You also get to conserve energy with these types of lights because they only switch on when they sense movement or changes in temperature.

Take The Lead

You can also install lighting to guide walkways and pathways. This is very nice to look at especially at night, where you can see a path of light on the ground leading to your house. It gives a somewhat magical effect on the view.

Putting leading lights on walkways and paths can also ensure the safety of your family members and visitors, especially if they are not familiar with the path they are taking.

This also highlights nearby plants and flowerbeds. The view can be very romantic, especially if you are actually walking down the pathway with a special someone.

Driveways can also be lined with leading lights. By doing this, you can define the limits of the driveway, and in effect, there would be a lower risk for accidents to happen.

Instant Romance

By lighting up patios, decks, and porches, you instantly have a romantic evening getaway spot. You can do this by hiding mini-lights with low-voltage under railings, benches and steps. It doesn’t only serve as a guide for the steps, but it also gives a romantic aura to your place.

These are just some of the ideas on how landscape lighting can be used functionally, and aesthetically. Your money spent on lighting installation should not be wasted, that’s why you should learn to aim for both effects to get the best out of your lighting!

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